6 Tips for Buying an Older Charlotte Home for Sale

Charlotte Home Buyer Tips | 6 Tips for Buying an Older Charlotte Home for Sale  

DiscoverDilworth.com | Historic Homes in Charlotte NCAt Savvy, we pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of an ‘older’ home as we reside in historic Elizabeth and are the #1 selling brokerage in the historic areas of Charlotte.  An older Charlotte home for sale can offer a lot more charm and character than the newer houses of today. They boast gabled roofs, crown moldings, real hardwood floors, antique fixtures and just offer so much character…and history.  Buying an older home is like buying a piece of local history; its beautiful period features give it a timeless beauty and grace that is hard to resist and unlike any other property available.

However, sometimes Charlotte home buyers fear that buying a house from another era can be an endeavor fraught with potential problems.  Older houses are not necessarily built to the same electrical or plumbing standards of today. If they have not been maintained correctly through the years, they can turn into a serious money pit or a potential hazard.  However, for the most part, we are fully prepared with years of experience in selling these homes and can guide you through a wonderful experience while buying an older Charlotte home for sale.

Here are 6 tips for buying an older Charlotte home for sale to keep in mind as you make your home selection:

  1. ALWAYS hire a professional home inspector to take a close look at the property. A professional inspector is trained to spot structural damage or issues that might seem minor, but could cause major problems later on.  As experienced Charlotte real estate agents in selling older homes, we have our fingers on the pulse of the BEST ‘old’ home inspectors available!
  2. Be on the look-out for any signs of moisture damage.   Older houses have settled, sometimes leading to resulting moisture problems if the homeowner has not properly maintained the home.  We have contractors who specialize in older homes who can preserve the integrity of the home, while repairing any damage that may be discovered.
  3. If the old Charlotte house you are considering has vintage wiring, such as the knob-and-tube technology that was popular around the 1920s and ‘30s, it will need to be completely updated for safety.  We also have electricians who specialize in the historic areas who are affordable and very detail oriented that can update the home’s wiring.
  4. You might need to add insulation to an older house.  Many older houses don’t have insulation in the walls or attic, sometimes there is none in the crawl space either!  This can really increase the size of your energy bill so, it’s best to go ahead and insulate the home immediately after purchasing your new ‘old’ home!
  5. Another thing to look out for are iron pipes, which were popular up until 1940. They can become clogged with rust and may need to be replaced.
  6. Make sure you have the house tested for asbestos if it was built before the 1960s.  Asbestos removal may be something that is frightful just to think about it but, an experienced asbestos removal expert can get the job done quickly, efficiently and it is not terribly expensive.

These are just a few things to watch out for when you are considering buying an older Charlotte home. Take time to inspect the property thoroughly. Mix modern technology with your home’s beautiful period features to enjoy its charm — as well as safety.  If you’re interested in purchasing an older property, please call me at (704) 491-3310 or email me at SavvyBroker@me.com for additional information.

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