6 Words Charlotte Home Buyers Should Never Say – I Think I’ll Sleep On It!

6 Words Charlotte Home Buyers Should Never Say – “I Think I’ll Sleep On It!

What NOT to say as a Charlotte home buyer!Gone are the days when the dreaded words we heard were, “I think I’ll wait to see what the market is going to do.”  Those buyers were commonly referred to as ‘fence-sitters;’ they were anxious about purchasing a home for fear that either the interest rates would continue to fall or the value of the real estate that they were interested in would continue to plummet.

Now, we’re faced with a totally new market in Charlotte real estate!  We’re seeing multiple Offer situations on many of our listings; some of our listings are selling before they ever hit MLS due to our pre-marketing work.  Most good listings are selling within the first week on the market–good meaning:  good location, excellent condition and the price is competitive.

Recently, we’ve experienced quite the ‘race’ for purchasing hot new listings!  If you are immediately notified by your agent that a property has just been listed that is IN your favorite neighborhood, fits your specifications and priced within your pricing parameters, have your agent get you into that home IMMEDIATELY!  Have your agent bring an Offer to complete while you’re there and BE the first one to make an Offer on your dream home.  Whatever you do, do NOT “sleep on it!”

You either know whether you love a home or you don’t.  You know what your pricing parameters are, you know what you are looking for in a home so, be prepared to write that Offer.

I recently had a buyer for one of my hot new listings who proclaimed to their agent, “We’re going to sleep on it!”  Lo and behold, my sellers accepted another Offer from more aggressive buyers who immediately saw the value in the home and made a full-priced Offer on our listing.  Those first buyers are now looking frantically to find something comparable to our listing, with no success.  They had the opportunity and it slipped right through their fingers–all because they thought they should “sleep on it!”  

Let me add that I completely agree that this is a MAJOR financial decision that SHOULD take considerable time to ponder.  As a buyer, I would not tour homes until I KNOW that I’m ready to make that decision–I’ve spoken to my financial planner, my CPA and my mortgage lender.  Once the ‘planning’ is done, there’s really nothing to sleep on–you should be READY to make your Offer on your dream home when you find that dream home!

Don’t let your dream home get away!  Before you search for your home, do your homework–speak with your CPA, your financial planner and get pre-approved by a reputable lender.  NOW, you’re ready to make an Offer on that dream home–without sleeping on it!

For more buyer tips or to find someone to help you locate YOUR dream home, give us a call or text at (704) 491-3310 or email SavvyBroker@me.com with your home criteria.  We’re happy to set you up on our brand new incredibly progressive Charlotte home search tool that will alert you to homes coming on the market within 15 minutes of them being listed–something no one in the Charlotte Metro region has!

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  1. Jennifer Monroe says:

    I love this! Very timely as we find ourselves in a hotly competitive market here in Charlotte again. I suggest buyers get out and see every house that looks even close to ideal, that way they’ve done their homework and will be ready to pounce (wake-up kitty!) when their dream home pops on the market.

    It also helps to have a Savvy agent in your corner who see’s these listing BEFORE the other agents see them!

    • Thanks, Jennifer! These are definitely SAVVY tips that keep our buyers out of multiple-Offer situations.


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