Charlotte Home Buyers BEWARE! Steer Clear of Inspector Gadget

Charlotte Home Inspector Warning!

Charlotte Home Buyers BEWARE! Steer Clear of Inspector Gadget

Let’s just call him, Inspector Gadget.  Although I have fond memories of Inspector Gadget from childhood…this one…not so much!

Here is Inspector Gadget’s business plan:

  • Charlotte Home Buyers BEWAREFind every possible, real or imagined, issue that is currently or can ever be in the future, wrong with the property
  • Instill great fear in the buyers, making them think that if they buy this 50-year old home, it is sure to crumble around them within the first month of living there.
  • INSIST that the buyers use HIS references for contractors, engineers and further inspections by specialists
  • Possibly be paid by the good ole boy network of engineers, contractors and other inspectors – you know, a ‘finders fee.’  We haven’t proven this yet but, won’t be surprised when we do.
  • When the deal falls through, as planned, Inspector Gadget will have repeat business with this buyer because you ‘saved them from doom and gloom!
  • Offer a very small discount for buyers who use you for their next inspection IF they write public reviews stating that you ‘saved the day’ with your very thorough inspection.  This public review is posted on very prominent referral sites and unfortunately, if you don’t ‘hire’ this inspector, you cannot write a review!  (The topic of another article…another day!)

Seriously, this IS the business plan of a local inspector – and what is so astonishing is that he manages to fool so many buyers.  The thought of a buyer finding his dream home in one of our historic areas – a lovely 75-year old bungalow – only to find that this gorgeous home is “on its last leg, difficult to believe that it’s still standing” is incomprehensible.   Then, because of this fear-laden inspection report, this buyer moves on to his second choice and sometimes, even his third choice.  Sadly, this buyer is none-the-wiser and never realizes that he’s been duped – not once but, twice.  That 75-year old home will still be standing LONG after this buyer is gone!  

Sellers are also affected by his antics.  They list their home, take the best of multiple Offers and then have to go back on the market at the end of the 21-day Due Diligence period because of ‘failed inspections,’ only to find themselves with a ‘stale’ listing.  They then have to lower their price to procure another buyer for their home.

Not only does this inspector NOT know his job – his inspections are flawed worse than you can imagine – but, his ‘referrals’ are considered among professionals to be some of the worst in their respective fields as well.  It costs the sellers thousands of dollars to ‘prove’ to their buyers that their inspector AND his referral partner are a scam.  Yet, once the sale is done, it’s all forgotten.

Well, believe me, this is never forgotten by agents in the area!  When we hear that Inspector Gadget will be performing the inspection, our sellers know to tell their prospective buyers that they will await another buyer–OR the buyers can hire another inspector!  Yes, it’s come to that because this horrid inspector has found a way to make his unethical business plan work.  Rest assured, however, if you’re our client, this will not happen to you. 

If you or someone you know is about to hire an inspector, give us a call or email us.  We have a long list of qualified inspectors who are highly ethical and know their jobs well and we’re happy to share our list with you.  If you’re not working with us, ask your real estate agent for inspector referrals – we’re confident Inspector Gadget is NOT on their list either.

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  1. We have a lot of those here, and they think it’s just fine that they show every detail of a home that is not up to current codes (never mind that it functioned just fine for maybe over 100 years that way). I like to remind then that it’s not up to the seller to bring any home up to the current building codes standard, and to suggest that they do is very unprofessional. Some of these guys avoid doing insections on my listings, because they know that if they pull something like this, their name will spread like wildfire throughout the real estate community. This is a serious misrepresentation of the facts, and it doesn’t benefit anyone except for the inspector.
    Have a great Sunday.


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