City Lights Or Starlit Nights – What Charlotte Home Location Will You Choose?

Lifestyle Choices | City Lights Or Starlit Nights – What Charlotte Home Location Will You Choose?

If you are looking to buy a Charlotte home, you might be wondering whether you should be looking for properties that are right in Center City (Uptown) or whether a better option for you would be to buy a home in the suburbs, just a short drive away.

The rural or urban decision will ultimately be up to you, as there are advantages and disadvantages to either option. The main difference will lie in your priorities – what type of lifestyle is most important to you?

Living In The City

A Room with a ViewOne of the main perks of buying a property that is located in the heart of Charlotte is that you will be able to enjoy several forms of convenient, public transportation and you’ll rarely have to use a car to get anywhere.  You will enjoy shopping within walking distance of your home, as well as other important amenities such as restaurants, medical facilities, pharmacies, a post office, entertainment, sporting events and more.

If you enjoy attending concerts, visiting art galleries or enjoying other artistic events, you will find much more of these concentrated in Uptown Charlotte.  You will also enjoy lots of options when it comes to shopping.

Of course, living in the Center City means that property prices are usually a bit higher and you will likely buy a lot less space for your money.  Your kids might not have as much room to run around but, you will find several urban parks and playgrounds as well as our Uptown Mecklenburg Aquatic Center.   As some may relish in the the vibrant pace of the city, others can find this lifestyle equally stressful.

Living in the ‘Burbs

homestead2When you buy a home just a few miles outside of the city, you will find yourself experiencing a completely different lifestyle.  You will be a lot closer to nature, with plenty of walking trails, oftentimes right outside your own back door.  The air will be cleaner and you will definitely be able to enjoy the stars at night!

Many people feel safer with the children playing outside in the suburbs and the cost of housing is typically lower than in the high density in the Uptown core.  Some people also prefer the peace and quiet of the suburbs and would much rather go for a walk in the woods or have a campfire than attend a cultural event – so the country is the right place for them.

Of course, the disadvantages of a rural lifestyle is that it can be inconvenient and time consuming to drive into Charlotte to shop, meet up with friends and attend social functions, sporting events or other popular entertainment venues.  You must own a car in order to get around, as the public transportation system in the suburbs is certainly not as good as it is in the inner city.

These are just a few factors to consider when determining whether you would choose the city life or the country life.  Find the perfect Charlotte neighborhood for you, based upon your own lifestyle and then search a wealth of information in our Charlotte neighborhood pages.

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