Cultivation Meets Foundation | Unintended Consquences

Unintended Consequences – Cultivation Meets Foundation

Charlotte Home Seller Tips LandscapingAhh, the joys of gardening!  If you enjoy the serenity of working in your gardens and you’re a landscape enthusiast, take note.  All of those carefully cultivated bushes, flowers and landscaping that you (or your landscaper) work so hard to perfect, may have unintended consequences.  Not only do plants contain moisture, they also transmit it to the surfaces that they touch. If shrubbery or mulch are too close to the house, they not only block sunlight but, air circulation which causes dampen ing of the exterior and even the crawl space.   The unintended consequences often lead to mildew, mold, moss and stains and can cause wood rot in the foundation – all of those hidden parts of the home that we never see.

Take care to trim the plants and shrubs back, allowing at least a foot of air space from the walls to permit sunlight and air to dry out the moisture. Limbs, leaves, mulch and other plant materials and debris at the base of the foundation walls can cause unintended consequences that, if overlooked, can cause major structural damage.

Homeowners thinking of selling your Charlotte home, take heed!  This item is in the top 10 items that come up on nearly every inspection in Charlotte!  We love our gardens and landscaping here in the Queen City but, allowing it to over-run onto the siding of the house (whether it’s brick or wood), take over the gutters, the fascia or even hanging over the rooftop is a big red flag to buyers.  Buyers (and their inspectors) suspect moisture damage with this overgrowth and can cost you more than you really need to spend in an effort to sell your home.  Maintaining healthy growth without overgrowth is the key to landscape maintenance for all homeowners, especially those thinking of selling in the near future.

If you need the names of qualified landscapers or arborists, please give us a call at (704) 491-3310.  We’re happy to give you our referrals! 

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