Happy Buyers, Happy Realtor® – Lender Recommendation – NEVIN WILLIAMS

Vendor of the Week | Happy Buyers, Happy Realtor® – Lender Recommendation – NEVIN WILLIAMS

Excellent NC Mortgage BrokerI am writing this long over-due letter of recommendation for Nevin Williams, mortgage broker extraordinaire!  Nevin came to me at a time that I had just lost my best lender due to state regulations, requiring a lender to have brick-and-mortar presence within our state.  My dear friend, Craig Rutman, reached out to me when I was in ‘desperate’ mode, trying to find someone to fill some very large shoes, vacated by my Georgia lender.

Nevin will tell you that I was initially tough on him – I am a demanding, ‘prima donna’ when it comes to my clients and the vendors whom I recommend to them!  I do not accept anything less than ‘perfection’ and have left quite a few lenders in the fall-out–most of them being left behind because the Closing didn’t occur on time!

Bear in mind that our vendors are a reflection of the person who offers the recommendation and if we recommend a lender and the home doesn’t Close on time, it’s not merely an act of re-scheduling the appointment time for Closing–it becomes a MAJOR inconvenience for all parties involved.  It makes the person referring the client look poorly in our clients’ eyes.  Everyone has to pick up the pieces and, 9 times out of 10 in my experience, it’s because the lender didn’t prepare adequately.  They put our ‘well-qualified’ buyer on the back-burner, only to begin turning stones the week before Closing.  If there is ONE tiny little thing that needs to be confirmed, explained or rectified, it CAN cause a delay in Closing.  There are very few reasons that a delay is acceptable and if the delay is going to occur, knowing the week before instead of the day OF Closing, is optimal for all transactional parties.

I have to say though, Nevin has never caused a delay in Closing for any of my clients.  Nevin’s very detailed pre-approval process prevents that from happening!  I’ve had buyers that I’ve sent to Nevin to pre-approve who did NOT qualify and he worked with one couple for two years before Closing on a $600K+ home a few months back!

Nevin doesn’t just pre-qualify buyers, he takes it a step further and pre-approves them so that an underwriter has had the time to review the entire file – one sure way to ascertain that Closing will occur on time as well as provide you, as a buyer, a rock-solid negotiating tool when you do present your Offer to Purchase!

How does Nevin come by this letter of recommendation?

  • Charlotte's Vendor of the Week is Nevin Williams Mortgage LenderNevin spends a good deal of time walking our clients through the loan process so that they have a thorough understanding of what their next steps will be.
  • Nevin tracks mortgage rates in real-time with mortgage-backed securities trading software so that he can ‘shop’ the best rates possible for our clients.
  • His fees are low and believe me, he earns every penny of his fees–and then some!
  • As the loan process rolls through the various stages, Nevin keeps everyone updated on the loan status either by a phone call, email or a great technology tool (video) that is welcomed by all parties to the transaction!
  • MOST packages are sent well ahead of time.  (I recently Closed one with Nevin and the package was at the attorney’s office 10 days prior to Closing, allowing us to even Close early on a new construction–completely unexpected by the builder and leaving us with one HAPPY couple who got to move into their new home sooner than expected!)
  • Nevin follows up AFTER the sale too!  What other lender do you know does that?

I’ve recommended Nevin to colleagues who have referred him to their clients in several states including California, Oregon, Washington and Virginia–all have been impressed.   Nevin walks the talk…what more can I say?

Call Nevin at  (888) 206-5781 x 1017 or email him at Nevin@NevinLoans.comApply for your home loan with Nevin here.

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  1. Nevin is well deserving of this esteemed accolade! He’s been one of the best resources for me and my buyer clients here in the Raleigh area. I’m so glad I was able to recommend him to you… and that he’s part of the Savvy way of doing business now too!

    • Craig, I know and I’ll be forever grateful to you for your recommendation also. He has helped some of my valued clients through some complicated processes and gotten the job done without a hitch. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Nevin sounds like a keeper!

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