Photographs DO Matter When Selling Charlotte Real Estate

Photographs DO Matter When Selling Charlotte Real Estate

Homes in historic Eastover Charlotte NCOnline images and local advertisements are usually the first impressions that buyers get of Charlotte real estate — so why not present your home at its very best?  After buyers decide their price range, square footage needs and the number of bedrooms and baths they want, the next step they typically take is to look at photographs to determine if a home is worth touring in person.

When enlisting the services of a REALTOR® to help sell your Charlotte home, you should inquire as to how they plan to visually promote it.  You want buyers to view your home in its best light, so be 100% certain that your REALTOR® plans to hire a professional photographer.

With the increased use of the internet for Charlotte home buyers searching for their new home these days, it is shocking to see some of the photos that are being used in MLS to promote highly desirable homes for sale.  The photos are blurry, unprofessional and with 95+% of Charlotte home buyers finding their new homes online–typically with the help of their agent who is also weeding through homes that fit their clients’ specifications–online photos simply MUST be professionally done.

Below are strategies for getting the best shot, posting images online and selling your Charlotte real estate fast.

Set the stage

The photographs should look like they’re out of a magazine. Make sure everything is clean and staged, with no dishes in the sink or children’s toys peeking out from closet doors.  Pointing out favorite interior angles, outside views and distinctive features to the photographer–no one knows these ‘best shots’ like you.

Photo Review

Ask to see proofs before the images are posted online.  If the photographs look grainy or blurry, inquire whether your REALTOR® just shot them with an average camera or, even worse, his or her phone.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a reshoot with a different photographer if you don’t feel the images do your home justice.

Shot selection

There should be photographs of the front and back of the house, along with one of each main room.  You don’t want so many that potential buyers could become overwhelmed.  Your agent should also prioritize them.  Beginning with the front of the home, then the kitchen, dining room, living room, master bedroom and any unique features you want to highlight.

Photographs DO matter when it comes to selling Charlotte real estate.  You have a lot of money invested in your home, so don’t be afraid to ask your REALTOR® to go the extra mile and hire a professional photographer.  In our opinion, it’s not even ‘going the extra mile,’ it’s standard practice.  ALL Charlotte home sellers deserve to have their homes optimally represented in order to procure the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.

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  1. This is good advice, however don’t assume all professional photographers are the same. There are many mediocre “pro” photographers just as there many mediocre “Realtors”. Do your homework & compare the work of the photographers under consideration. You might be surprised at the wide variation in skill level you will find…

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