Spectacular vs. Blah – Guess Which One Sells?

Selling your Charlotte home?

Consider the importance of presentation.

Staging Charlotte Homes for Sale Brings HUGE ReturnsI represent a good number of Charlotte home sellers and absolutely love that aspect of my job.  I also enjoy showing homes to buyers in the areas and price ranges in which I serve sellers.  Some tours can be eye-opening as buyers are wonderful at expressing what they love and don’t like about properties.  Those tips are helpful in sharing with my sellers how to better procure a buyer for their home.

Recently showing homes to Charlotte relocation clients, I listened intently to the buyers’ comments about properties in communities that I often sell.  Not surprisingly, the staging comment came up on several occasions.  The impact that staging has on a Charlotte home for sale is tremendous!

Compare a home that has been beautifully staged to a vacant, empty home.  Three-fourths of potential buyers have a difficult time picturing their furniture in a vacant home.  So, when you walk into a vacant home, the rooms not only look smaller but, the place actually looks, well, blah!   Why do you think home builders stage their spec homes (aka ‘model homes’)?

Staged and Stunning in Uptown Charlotte Condo for SaleOne example of a recent buyer client that I wanted to share with Charlotte home sellers is this.  Homes with no staging that I showed were actually larger in square footage than the home that was spectacularly staged…which, by-the-way, is the home that the couple wound up purchasing.  The room sizes in every case were larger in the vacant/empty homes than the home that they bought.  However, with ease, they were able to replace the furniture that was used for staging in the rooms, with their own and visualize themselves living in that home.  They could not do that with the vacant homes.

Not only furniture placement and room size are deciding factors but, if buyers are ‘wowed’ by a home, they spend more time there.  They tend to ‘get comfortable’ in the home and have a much higher chance of buying that home.

Staging isn’t always ‘cheap,’ but in the end, you’ll wind up with a quicker sale AND get more money from the sale of the home.  Bear in mind, a vacant home gives the buyers a tip that you likely now have TWO mortgages and would like to get rid of one of them–so, perhaps owners of a vacant home are desperate to sell.  This, in fact, brings lowball Offers far more than those of spectacularly staged homes bring.

If you are thinking about selling your Charlotte home and would more information on how to get your Charlotte home sold and to discuss staging and marketing strategies, please call me at (704) 491-3310 or email me at Debe@DebeMaxwell.com for more information.

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