Nail The Final Walkthrough on Your Charlotte Home Purchase BEFORE Closing

Charlotte Home Buyer Tips | Nail The Final Walkthrough on Your Charlotte Home Purchase BEFORE Closing

Homes with amazing kitchens in Charlotte NCBy the time you get to the final walkthrough on your Charlotte home for sale, the home buying process is almost complete.  However, it is still important to pay close attention to this final step, as it will be crucial in the success of your home purchase.  The final walkthrough is your last opportunity to ensure that everything in the home is in working order and that there are no potential problems just waiting for you when you take over ownership of the property.

While conducting a final walkthrough of the property, give yourself enough time to look carefully at everything and not be rushed.  You are looking for any new issues that might have arisen since the last time you viewed the home – because once you Close on the purchase the previous owners will not be obligated for fixing any damage.  For this reason, you should schedule your walkthrough within the 24 hours before Closing on a home.

What Should I Be Looking For During My Walkthrough?

When you are performing your walkthrough, here are some of the important issues that you should be watching out for:

  • Are all major appliances in working condition?  Have the sellers left you copies of the warranties and owner’s manuals?   If not, this is not uncommon as many homeowners elect to utilize the drawer space for something else and find their owner’s manuals online!  Here are links to the most common appliance owner’s manuals:
  • Do all of the light switches and outlets work? 
  • Have any of the fixtures or appliances gone missing, even though the seller agreed to leave them behind?
  • If the sellers have agreed to making any repairs, have these repairs been completed?
  • Are there any signs of damage (i.e. scratched walls or floors) as a result of the previous owner moving out?
  • Do all of the water faucets and toilets function as they should?
  • Check the integrity of the exterior of the house, especially if there has been a storm or strong winds since your last visit.
  • Did the previous owner leave any items behind? – extra furniture, garbage or unwanted items.

What Do I Do If I Find A Problem?

If you do note a problem when you are doing your walkthrough, there are a few options to resolve the issue(s).  If the issue is not too significant, you may decide that it is not worth losing your dream home over.  You could simply pay for the repair yourself.  If you’re not inclined to take on a larger responsibility (larger cost of repair/replaceent), you can postpone the Closing until the seller remedies the problem.  If the repair was agreed upon during the negotiations, of course, you have a legal recourse and you should consult the Closing attorney to address this.

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