Charlotte Home Seller Guide | Top 10 Seller Mistakes in 2013

Charlotte Home Seller Guide | Top 10 Seller Mistakes in 2013

Remember that the first impression is a lasting one for home buyers and that applies to open houses as well.  Properly done open houses have, in the past, brought significant traffic to view new properties on the market.  Of late, especially in the Charlotte market, we’re not seeing tremendous turn-out for open houses but, if you and your agent feel that an open house is worthwhile, here are some tips to a successful open house.

Charlotte NC Seller Awareness1.  Working Alone – Without a Professional

I could write a book on this one…and have written numerous articles.  Here are a few…

Why You NEED Your Own Realtor®

Buying New Construction?  Hire Your OWN Agent

No, I Am NOT the Listing Agent…

2.  Waiting to De-Clutter 

Your main goal is to be sure that every square foot of your home measures up to the buyers’ expectations!  Removing clutter allows buyers to fully visualize your home without distractions. Remove the clutter and let your home shine!

**Tip for de-cluttering–You are eventually going to have to pack it all up anyway.  Why not get a head start AND have your home showing like a gem when you put your home on the market and prepare for an open house?

3.  Overpricing Your Home

Again, we’ve seen so many sellers endure the pains of overpricing.  Even in a strong market, homes that are overpriced sit.  Here is a great article explaining how overpricing can cause havoc to ensue on your wallet!

4.  Not Staging Your Home

You don’t have to have a professional stager, although we highly recommend one but, stagers can give you insight that is completely different than decorating/design work.  Be prepared!  Buyers WILL open your closet doors, your cabinets and your drawers!  So, be sure that all storage spaces are clean and orderly.

5.  Failing to Disclose

One of the biggest mistakes that sellers make is failure to disclose knowledge or existing issues with regards to the home, the environment or the land.  Read this article before you complete your Disclosure.

6.  Attempting to Sell a Vacant Home

Don’t forget that the landscaping is the FIRST thing that your potential buyers will see.  Be sure to have the flower beds weeded, the lawn trimmed and fresh mulch in the beds.  Are the hedges trimmed?  Are all of the toys and ‘stuff’ picked up and removed from the yard?

7.  Not Adequately Preparing the Exterior

  • Has it been freshly painted or power-washed
  • Are the windows clean?
  • Are the screens in good shape (no holes or spider webs)?
  • Is the front door clean and/or freshly painted?
  • What about the window trim?  Be sure there is no visible wood rot.
  • Power-wash the sidewalks.  Again, the first impression is the most important one–put your best foot forward!

8.  Ewww!  What’s that Smell?

Be sure that if you do use strong cleaning solutions, to ventilate the home before your guests arrive.  Don’t use scented sprays or plug-ins – simply boil an apple slice and some cinnamon while you’re turning on all of your lights and your home will smell wonderfully!

9.  Do You Have Plenty of Reading Materials?

Be sure you have plenty of flyers or brochures for your guests–highlight your home with professional photos and color brochures or flyers so that they will have something to review when they get home from their tours!

10.  Not Making Repairs

Bear in mind that when a buyer tours your home and they spot something in ill-repair (that is ‘out in the open’), they then worry that there ‘surely must be major underlying issues this seller hasn’t been taking care of if they don’t even take care of the surface issues!’  It’s true!  I’ve heard this many times as I walk buyers through homes that aren’t even in disrepair but, there’s a leaky faucet or a loose cabinet door hinge.  Having a pre-inspection can not only save you stress during the buyer’s inspection but, can also garner you a higher dollar for your home.  Remember, if the surface looks good, the buyers will assume that you’ve cared for your home.

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You may think that there is a lot of information in the links below…and there is!  However, we work with a very large number of Charlotte home sellers and write these articles as we come across issues that we see sellers facing.  Some are repeat items but, we assure you that if you follow our guidelines to prepare your home for selling, we can help you achieve success in getting your Charlotte home SOLD!

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  2. Debe – this is an excellent post and these are definitely pitfalls that a home seller can fall into. Failing to disclose is a huge consideration.

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